Illinois State Board of Education Parent Webinar

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois PTA are hosting a Back-to-School Webinar for parents at 7 p.m. Sept. 23. State Superintendent Tony Smith, Ph.D., and Illinois PTA President Matthew Rodriguez will discuss statewide education initiatives and how parents and schools can work together to help their students thrive.
“Engaged families are crucial to a child’s healthy development and education, and the State Board of Education is committed to providing the tools and resources necessary to build effective relationships between parents, educators, and the community,” said Dr. Smith.
During the one-hour event, he will outline his five key areas of focus to guide ISBE’s initiatives. These are:
  • Money – Establish an adequate and equitable education finance system
  • Quality – Common definition of, and fair access to, quality education
  • Autonomy – Maximize district autonomy to provide quality education to all families
  • Competency – Encourage competency-based learning
  • Community – Districts and schools as centers of healthy communities
“There are multiple studies that show and confirm that parent involvement directly relates to student success,” Rodriguez said. “I am very proud to join Superintendent Smith in this webinar so we can address in real time some of the concerns and questions from parents around the state. Our partnership with ISBE is essential to create the most effective parent, teacher, and student relationship.”
The webinar will discuss the upcoming score report release for the first administration of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) exam and how results will look much different than scores from previous state tests. This change does not mean Illinois students are learning less or are less capable. The PARCC exam scores will simply reflect higher expectations for what students should know and be able to do to stay on track for college and careers. The PARCC exam will return in spring 2016 with a shorter, simpler format to improve the testing process while still providing reliable and valid information about student achievement. Parents will also hear more about a new science assessment that will be given to students this school year.
Speakers will also discuss ISBE’s guidance for schools to strengthen and nurture family engagement to build meaningful and productive partnerships with parents and caregivers. Parents will also have the opportunity to learn more about helpful resources, including the award-winning Illinois Report Card and the 5Essentials Survey.
This is the second year that ISBE and the Illinois PTA have partnered to present a Back-to-School Webinar for parents. Nearly 400 people participated in last year’s event.


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Forest Ridge Shoe Drive

The Forest Ridge PTA is going to be doing a “Shoe Drive”. So, please start saving your shoes. It will span across all four of our school and can be any shoes! (any gender any style).  These shoes will be sent overseas to help people in need, so please no holes or missing soles.




This event will be starting October 1st and end November 30th.

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Reflections is Coming to Dist 142


September Fundraisers Were A Success!!

Thank You, District 142 Parents for coming out and supporting our fall fundraisers.  Our Special Needs Movie Night and Jump Zone events were both extremely successful and fun was had by all!!

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels


Foster’s Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

I APPLAUD the Parents of Foster! I arrived this morning to food pouring in the front doors! Not to mention all of the drop offs yesterday too! Then this morning…the cars kept driving in with More!

There was so MUCH food, that we filled the Freezer with Bagels, Cream Cheeses, and Coffee Cakes…Our awesome Staff will be eating it for weeks…

The Teachers were Very Happy and Thankful to the Overwhelming show of Appreciation!

Thank You To The WONDERFUL Foster School Family!

Donna Gutierrez

Foster VP


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Ridge’s Teacher Apperation Breakfast

Today’s Ridge PTA breakfast was a success!! Val Anderson and Mary Derman did a great job organizing the event. Food was catered from New Horizon, French toast baked by a parent, coffee from Dunkin Donuts, donuts, fruit, coffee cakes and more! Parents were very generous with donations to get all the food and drinks. Thanks to all the parents for the support and thanks to the teachers for all your hard work!!

IMG_1005 IMG_1007 IMG_1009


Kerkstra Teacher Breakfast

The PTA held our annual “Back to School” Staff Appreciation Breakfast.   Kerkstra parents were more than generous, donating everything needed to make sure no staff member left the lounge with out a full tummy!! Darcy Alaska did an awesome job heading up the event. Flowers were on every table and a basket full of goodies was won by Mr Robbins, the gym teacher.  A big thank you once again to all who donated, you made all the teacher’s feel extra special!!




Kerkstra Intramurals Have Begun

Forest Ridge PTA is sponsoring an intramural program for students in 5th grade at Kerkstra.  The program will run from Sept. 23rd to October 28th.  All classes will include instructional and competitive “Ultimate Frisbee”.  A big thank you goes out to Mr. Robbins for running these classes!!


Thank You!!

Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to everyone who came out to our PTA meeting last week.  It was exciting to see so many new faces!!  We hope to see everyone back next meeting.  Remember everything we do benefits your children!

Thanks Again!

Melissa Crim – President


Jump Zone Fundraiser

Monday, September 14th


Chicago Ridge Jump Zone

Pre-K – 3rd Grades

$8.00 pre sale/$10.oo at the door


Special Needs Family Movie Night

Friday, September 11th at Kerkstra Elementary

Doors open @ 6:30pm

$2.00 at the door

Refreshments will be available for  purchase

Parents MUST accompany their children

(all children are welcome!)