PTA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Forest Ridge PTA Board Meeting April 13, 2016
Present: Melissa Crim, Melissa Flaherty, Roxana Agler, Cathy Slonski, Donna Gutierrez, Lisa
Lambros, Darcy Alaska, Lisa Vanderwall, Heather Schafer, Carolyn Johnson, Mary Derman,
AndyCrim, Dr. Paul McDermott, Mr. John Orth, Christine Michalik, Carolyn Johnson, and
Samantha Niemeyer.
1. Call to Order- Welcome, Pledge- The April 13, 2016 meeting was called to order by
President Melissa Crim at 7:05pm. The Pledge was recited.
2. President’s Business- President Melissa Crim called for the March minutes to be
approved. Roxana Agler objected and was found out of order and asked to leave the
meeting. She refused. Melissa Flaherty motioned for the minutes to be approved and
Darcy Alaska 2 nd the motion. The Code of Conduct was motioned for adoption by Darcy
Alaska. It was passed and must be signed by all board members. Darcy Alaska
motioned for Donna Gutierrez to be removed from the board. Members voted on a
closed ballot which was counted by Samantha Niemeyer and sealed in an envelope.
Majority vote was to remove Donna.
3. Treasurer’s Report- Cathy discussed the monthly financial report. We have 5 new
memberships. We made $540.00 from the free skating party. Mostly everything has
been reimbursed from Family Fun Fair. We renewed the Bonding and license renewal
for $692.00. Movie license renewal was $414.00 and will protect any movie played at
Kerkstra. Cathy was able to get it reduced to $394.00. We received a check request
from Ridge for $1120.00 for a jumpee. We have 6 stale checks which were not cashed.
Andy motioned to file for audit and Mary 2 nd the motion.
4. Correspondence- No Report
5. Committee Reports-
A. Executive-
a. Foster- No Report
b. Kerkstra- PBIS celebration is coming up this Friday.
c. Hille- Math competition was yesterday. April 22 &23 is the Spring Musical.
The first Track meet was held today. PBIS will be before Spring break.
d. Ridge- Kindergarten registration was this evening. New Kindergarten
visitation day is April 21 st from 9-10:30. Midterms go home April 22 nd . Pre-
K screenings are underway. Focus on Families is hosting a talk tomorrow
about “Supporting the Development of Self-Regulation in Children”.
B. Standing-
a. Ways and Means- Savers fundraiser is currently underway. Truck will be
at the District Office on the 21 st and 22 nd . School Kits fundraiser was
ready for the Kindergarten registration. Forms are ready to go out to the
other schools. We will make around $5 per box.
b. Membership- New members signed up tonight at Ridge. Roundup was
moved to May 20 th from 4:30-6pm.
c. Environmental Concerns- No Report
d. Health/Drugs/Alcohol- No Report.
e. Public Relations- Carolyn Johnson said the social media postings are
going well.
f. Hospitality, Memorial, & Scholarship- Retirement checks- 3 teachers:
Donate books in their names. We will use scholastic dollars for this. Lisa
Lambros will choose which school she would like a book donated to in her
g. Newsletter- No Report
h. Special Events- No Report
i. Reflections- No Report
j. Teacher Representative- No Report
k. Audit Committee- No Report
l. School Board Report- Hille artwork is being displayed at the District office.
We will be replacing all the pictures of buildings with pictures of the
children from our schools. PARC testing will be done online. Hille is
currently taking the tests. Foster will follow, then Kerkstra. Lots of End of
Year activities are happening: Band, Musicals, and Sports. Next year’s
calendar is ready.
m. Administration Report- Check out the Superintendent’s Blog: Today
Matters. It will be featured in the National Superintendent’s Magazine.
6. Unfinished Business-
a. Discussed possible ways to restructure the Board and Committees.
Listed proposed Board members and Representatives for next year.
b. Proposal from Financial Committee will be voted on in May.
c. A special meeting needs to be called for the Bylaw Committee. It
will be April 19 th at 10am at Melissa Flaherty’s house. Melissa Crim,
Melissa Flaherty, Lisa Vander wall, Lisa Lambros, and Heather
Schaeffer will attend.
7. Open Floor-
Meeting Adjourned at 8:40 pm.
Respectfully Submitted,
Melissa S. Flaherty, Secretary

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